People had been switching from their office-based job to work from home long before the pandemic. This was made possible using tools and apps like skype, zoom, slack, and other coordination platforms. Many people were embracing flexible working hours from the comfort of their homes. And with the spread of Covid-19, many firms have asked their employees to work remotely.

Despite all the bright sides, working from home can be quite challenging. It can be difficult to maintain productivity and create a work-life balance. So how should you do it? Here’s how:

Wake Up & Prepare

Wake up in the morning as you would usually do. Start your day early, have a nice breakfast, and get dressed for the job. Getting dress would help you to set the right mood and keep you motivated. Plus, if any video call meeting comes up, you’ll be ready.

Choose a Working Space

Choose a specific spot in the house to sit and work. The area should be comfortable, has some silence, and good light. Place your workstation there and make sure you have a strong internet connection to avoid any glitches.

If you have kids at home, take turns with your partner in handling them and engage them in different activities.

Set & Follow a Schedule

A schedule would help you to maintain the balance between work and personal life. Prepare a schedule with a fixed starting and finishing time and assign no. of hours to work. Start working by reviewing all the tasks at hand and work on them based on priority. Take the break that you have in your office but align it with lunchtime at home.

Communicate With The Team

When the whole team is scattered in different remote locations, it becomes quite essential to keep everyone in the loop. Have regular meetings on Zoom or Skype to take feedbacks, give your input, listen to the issues, and collaborate with others to resolve them.

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