Executive Search

Connecting your firm with the most prominent C suite talent available in the country and internationally
via conducting a targeted search for crucial roles that can add a tremendous amount of value to your


Our modern and swift approach to bulk hiring. We ensure quality staffing by evaluating candidates on their credentials, background checks and Jobs that suit them while saving your time and energy.


Career Counselling

A one Stop Shop for all university graduates, first time professionals and corporate incumbents who seek
expert advise on their professional road maps, functional work changes or an overall professional revamp.
We are here to provide our expertise, time and guidance for your better tomorrow.



We understand how financial pressures, uncertainty and lay offs can so be vulnerable. Allow us to be your
partner in managing your Organizational image and ensuring a process of smooth employee transitions
by finding highly illuminating Job roles.


Talent Mapping

You direct, We MAP! Our Service line helps identify the presence of a specific talent pool available,
determine any hiring gaps and growth opportunities where needed through surveys and field search.

Resume Writing

Partner with us and we will develop a crisp and custom-made resume for you according to your skills and career goals. A well-drafted document is your biggest tool that attracts potential big players in the market.


Dedicated Resourcer

Our one dedicated Resourcer will only work for you on full-time basis. Deployed exclusively with our clients, this specific recruiter should be fully equipped with the right tools to find you quality candidates in a short span of time.

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