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AT NOW Outsourcing, our aim is to provide your Organization with an efficient and effective outsourced service while you focus your attention on your core business. NOW HR manages a whole range of human resources functions including everything from Payroll Processing, benefit plan management and administration to recruiting, training and consulting. With one provider to take responsibility for a range of HR functions, you'll not only spend less time on administration, but less time managing vendor relationships as well.

Experience an effortless collaboration with us by trusting our abilities to manage business activities that are critical to you. From managing outsourced teams to benefits and payroll management, we have it all covered! Our professionals will provide advisory and solutions that enable you maximize your operational and financial success.

Antecedent Verifications

Reach out to NOW HR and rely on us for providing the most quickest and accurate antecedent verification services to keep your records up to date and error free. This critical information is kept highly confidential and allows you to hire stress-free providing transparency and authenticity to the hiring process. NOW HR’s effective verification services include all kinds of educational, professional, personal data and documentation such as:

  • Educational Verification
  • Past employment verification
  • Reference verification
  • Residential verification
  • NADRA verification
  • Police verification
  • Driving license verification
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