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Human Capital: The Value of Work Experience

Does work experience add to the value of human capital?

There are various factors that contribute to the value of human capital. One of them is work experience. It is a fact that experience helps us develop certain skills which can be valuable for an organization as well as for individuals in the workplace. It can be difficult to develop experience in some industries, and it’s hard to know if you will like a certain field before you try it. However, there are many ways for people to gain work experience before they enter the workforce formally.

Let’s discuss how work experience adds to the value of human capital and what it contributes to in terms of skills development. And also look at why some companies outsource their HR services and how it impacts their workforce.  The value of work experience is that it provides the opportunity to learn and develop new skills. This experience will enable individuals to gain valuable knowledge about the industry and what it takes to succeed in that industry. Workplace skills are some of the most critical components when looking at employee selection, retention, performance management, and motivation. It is important for companies to have updated skill sets so they can remain competitive in their field. Work experience allows a company to maintain these skill sets by exposing their

Outsourcing human resources can be a great way for companies to get access to talented individuals who are not available locally. Outsourcing human resources can also be more cost-effective than hiring local employees, and it’s easier for companies that have international locations to manage their HR needs by outsourcing them as well. There are a few things to consider, however. Outsourcing your HR needs might save you money, but it also means you need to do more work and have more control of the process than if you had hired local employees. You may also need to hire in-house professionals who are well-versed in handling HR needs.

Outsource your Human Resources from Now- Outsource 

AT NOW Outsourcing has been providing reliable and effective outsourcing human resource services to organizations for over 10 years now. We are a leading provider of outsourced human resource services, and we have the expertise to deliver an outsourced service that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Human Resources


One of the most common errors an SME can make is not understanding the importance of outsourcing HR. This affects the business’ performance in the long term, resulting in Major HR Challenges Faced By an Organization. This occurs because most SME owners are driven by the fact that the HR department plays a vital role only for big firms. Therefore, it is presumed that HR in SMEs is a waste of the company’s resources. The problem with this assumption, though, is that it fails to consider the possibility that it may only be accurate when your business is just getting started and has fewer than 10 employees. However, as the business expands, so do the number of employees, their needs, and expectations from the company owners. Without an HR department, it often happens that business owners neglect the welfare of their personnel as they become preoccupied with running the business and maximising their profit. The fundamental truth, however, is that increased profits depend on employees performing their jobs effectively. The Human Resource Management Department steps in at this point. The HR department not only acts as a recruitment agency but also handles all issues relating to employees’ work, including hiring, training, development, payroll, workplace ethics, conflicts with coworkers, and much more.

Why SMEs should Outsource Humans Resources?

We have talked about the importance of human resources to SMEs. Hence, for SME owners looking to effectively allocate their resources to manage the well-being of their employees, outsourcing human resources is the most practical choice. The advantages of outsourcing human resources for SMEs have been highlighted for you.

1. Recruiting new employees

It is the key element in the hiring process is enticing eligible candidates to fill vacant positions This is recruiting prospective employees to apply to work with your company. Although it is a tedious process, it is vitally valuable since it is in the business’s best interest to hire skilled expertise. The quality of the hiring process is determined by the recruitment process. In order to do this, the recruiter posts advertisements and announcements about the position and seeks resumes from every applicant.

2. Selecting and hiring new employees

Although recruiting and hiring are the same thing; in reality, recruiting just involves drawing attention to and gathering qualified candidates for the post. The recruited applicants are screened, chosen, and interviewed before being further scanned and chosen by the outsourcing human resources department. It is crucial to make sure that the company hires the best employee for the role after a detailed inspection of the knowledge and qualifications of the candidate, as well as judging and verifying the authenticity of the candidate. The hiring process can be costly and complex, depending on the nature of the post.

3. Training and development of the employees

This is to determine the growth of employee performance. This approach is far less expensive than the entire hiring new employee procedure. Employee training programmes are carried out by outsourcing Human Resources services. This guarantees that the staff members are prepared to carry out their duties following the company’s expectations.

4. Employee Retention

Employee retention can be ensured by rewards and incentives to the employees for completing their tasks and performing well. This encourages workers to remain in their current positions and fosters a sense of loyalty to the company. SMEs can hire human resources consulting services for employee retention strategies to educate managers and executives on how to inspire and motivate their staff members to keep them happy in their positions.

5. Managing Payrolls and Pensions

It is the most fundamental operation for employee management. Analysing the market and providing new hires with competitive compensation, still takes time for the owners or managers. Hiring human resources consulting services can streamline the procedure because the consultants are knowledgeable about the going rates for various positions and can promptly offer the employee a competitive wage. The pension payroll is similar. A further incentive for the workers to maintain staff retention is timely payment, which outsourcing will guarantee.


Consult NowHR consulting services for your employee performance optimization. We outsource all the functions of Human Resources with guaranteed lucrative outcomes to the owners. NowHR is the leading HR consultant in Pakistan. Contact us today to optimize your personnel welfare and performance with our expert advice and professional services.





HR Challenges
Major HR Challenges That An Organization Faces

Humans have always been complicated, and managing people has always been difficult. The transparency of social media, the persistence of software updates, and the remoteness of international teams have all added to the complexity of human resource management in the digital age.

As a result, human resource is a difficult job with numerous challenges. With our extensive HR experience, we’ve narrowed the list down to the most common challenges HR professionals face.

Attracting Top Talent To The Enterprise

It takes a lot of time, effort, and discernment to find and keep the best people. That’s why it’s so high on the priority list when it comes to human resources challenges.

Knowing the job and the organization’s needs is essential to attracting top talent. When job roles and expectations shift, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of change in the workplace.

Employee Health And Wellness

Employee well-being will continue to be a top HR concern in 2022. Following the major disruptions of 2020, employers began to recognize the need for customized benefit plans to address the most pressing issues of individual employees.

However, benefits alone will not improve employee health and well-being: you must also support employee health and wellness in their daily work lives. This could include providing more flexible hours, more paid time off, or better managing schedules and workloads to keep employees from feeling overwhelmed.

Creating a Positive Workplace Environment

Staff turnover is common in fast-paced companies. Because even if they are able to hire the best employees, one of the greatest challenges in human resources is to keep them.

People are far less likely to look for a new job if they are happy in their current position, workplace, and with their coworkers. Appreciate your employees and boost their morale with positive communication and action. 

Take Advantage of the Best Consulting Services Offered by Pakistan’s Professional HR Consultants

Many businesses face human resource challenges, but Now HR’s consulting services can help. Our HR Consultant in Pakistan works with small to medium-sized business owners, C-suite teams, leadership staff, and HR managers to help them reach their full potential.

Take advantage of our consulting services and contact us today if you’re ready to take your business and leadership team to the next level with a professional HR Consultant in Pakistan.


We’ve all heard the word one million times: consistency is key. It’s there in how we’re taught at school, how we’re informed to figure our kids, and often, within the place of business. But one of the most interesting matters about recruitment in Pakistan is the manner it brings collectively such a lot of extraordinary character types. Some are born go-getters, encouraging healthy opposition within the race to a larger commission. Others nurture and nourish super candidates, lightly guiding them to the suitable role.

We all have our personal manner of doing matters. But, as a leader, you want a few sorts of uniformity in the way you operate – a dependent manner of doing matters that you may understand, monitor, and maintain. That’s the way you deliver customers the identical experience, year after year.

But why does regular service matter? Is it critical for each enterprise – or an overestimated benchmark that doesn’t make a significant difference?

What Consistency Can Do To Your Enterprise?

The essential gain of consistency is to your customers: regardless of whom they communicate to, they get precisely what they expect. According to our recruiters in Pakistan, this sort of consistency crosses 3 primary areas:

Client Journey Consistency

Clients usually recognize the system involved, whether they’re letting you already know approximately a brand-new position or reporting lower back after an interview.

Emotional consistency

Just like in actual life, regular studies foster agreement and loyalty.

Communication consistency

Ensuring that everybody uses identical terms, vocabulary, and motives at each step of your system. At the same time, consistency may be critical to your personal lifestyle and place of business. When human beings recognize what to expect – and what’s predicted of them – they’re more capable of working productively inside those lines. Nobody desires work to be a chain of unexpected events.

How To Reproduce Consistency In Your Recruitment Enterprise?

Online studying may be a treasured device in assisting human beings to work consistently. While everybody comes with their personal styles, personalities, and preferences, coordinated mastering can regularly embed a regular manner of running.

Crucially, the power of online studying manner behaviors can regularly shift over time – a greater sustainable manner of making alternatives that genuinely impose new regulations overnight. When humans get exposed to identical training material and courses, they’re capable of selecting out favored approaches of working and mixing them seamlessly with what they already do.

Meanwhile, the social size of properly online recruiter training encourages dialogue and the sharing of super ideas. This is every other manner to unify human beings around a regular manner of working; one to cause a more healthy place of business and glad customers and candidates.

When Consistency Isn’t Key

Finally, it’s really well worth remembering that our variations are what make us special; our particular approaches of running may be treasured gear in your enterprise. Recruitment in Pakistan platform like Now HR doesn’t simply operate people in the direction of a comparable set of strategies and practices. It’s additionally a powerful manner to look at how humans are becoming, realize their strengths and weaknesses; and pick what to nurture and encourage.

A successful recruitment enterprise isn’t all consistent and has no creativity. Like any human enterprise, the Now HR recruiters continually recognize the way to adapt to new demanding situations and the personalities they encounter. But with the aid of organizing a baseline of consistency; you’ll deliver each recruiter the safe, managed obstacles they want to flourish.


One purpose: executive recruiting demanding situations are so commonplace. With no license necessities and few limitations to entry, sincerely every person can cling out a shingle and does. If skills shortages aren’t to blame, inexpert seek companions can be answerable for a number of the problems. Executive recruiting “excellent practices” are outdated. They lack the studies understanding had to make them seek smarter. We accept as true that this is one of the fundamental motives executive recruiting keeps to stump the international’s main retained seek firms.


Spencer Stuart, Russell Reynolds, Heidrick & Struggles, Korn/Ferry, CTPartners — all have searches that fail to complete. The enterprise common is a whopping 40%. Part of that percentage has not anything to do with the hunting firm. Clients can also add all of sudden determine to dispose of a position or to preserve an incumbent they formerly desired to replace.  Still, even while you element in the one’s different causes — the failure rate stays some distance too high.  Failed to seek necessarily results in pissed-off customers who can’t assist however sense a bit used.


Another big recruiting task is that government recruiting “excellent practices” are outdated. The system hasn’t been virtually modified in more than 1/2 of a century. Again, it isn’t rocket science.  To remedy the problem, all you want to do is pay attention to the frustrations of government seek buyers, put money into extreme research understanding, and institute a new, progressed methodology. It is simply common sense. That’s what we did at The Good Search.


We accept as true that the important thing to create an executive job is to make it smarter. For one thing, harnessing the strength of data and facts analytics allows an awful lot of extra strategic executive recruiting.  For another, it facilitates you to keep away from landmines that blow searches up. Connecting the dots gives the shortest direction to excellent hires.


That is why The Good Search has taken research up a notch. The research is what identifies, profiles, and produces top candidates. With the number of facts withinside the international doubling each year, there may be a veritable treasure trove of candidate data to be had that you’ll now no longer discover in resume databases or on LinkedIn. In my former profession as an investigative reporter, I found out to apply databases to show stuff you couldn’t show some other way.


That equal method — harnessing the strength of facts — drives great outcomes in executive search. In other words, executive search doesn’t ought to be so tough and it does now no longer ought to fail so often — now no longer in case you understand the way to make search smarter. The second you do, you’ll be aware of a seismic shift. Suddenly executive searches simply were a lot less complicated.

Recruitment In Pakistan

In Pakistan, recruiting has become a necessity for job seekers, but it’s getting difficult for executive search too. That’s where Now HR will help you, we do all the difficult work while doing recruitment in Pakistan for you. So you can focus on your company work.

Tips Of Recruiter | How To Be A Great Leader

According to a recruiter, being a great leader means managing your employees greatly and leading them towards the right path while maintaining their focus.

How to Manage “Right-Brained” Employees

Today’s place of work hosts plenty of work patterns and ethics. Understanding those patterns could make you a greater successful leader and a higher manager. According to our recruiter’s theory, maximum creatives use the right-mind workstyle, which could cause them to be more visible and intuitive. People using their “right mind” obviously study the larger image and broaden innovative techniques to resolve problems. So how do you manage employees acquiring this workstyle? Here are some pointers for coping with your advertising and marketing and innovative team effectively!

Tell them what you need to be completed, now no longer how to finish the assignment itself.

Give popular paths and expectancies then permit creatives to discern out the nice manner to get the activity done.

Give a clean path whilst maintaining your distance.

Creative or right-mind groups have emotional funding for their projects. Encouraging them to apply their creativity at some point in the process; is crucial. If recruiter creatives get off track, manual them return by giving them reminders of requirements.

Keep an open mind, especially with new concepts & thoughts. 

The subsequent time your advertising and marketing and innovative team offers you with an idea for an upcoming task that they subsidized up with target market studies, listen.

Why Employee Engagement Is Important 

When your team isn’t always passionate or uninspired, they’ll disengage. Employees need to understand the work they carry out is creating a high-quality effect on their company. According to a career counselor in Pakistan, the best one-third of Pakistani employees experience engagement in their place of business. And best about one in five say their overall performance is controlled in a manner that motivates them to do splendid work. Ultimately, engaged employees have greater success as brand ambassadors and carry out their best due to the fact they’re more obsessed with their organization’s motive and mission.

Top Talents of Creative Leaders

According to the career counselor in Pakistan, the best one in ten human beings has the expertise to manage others effectively. If you need to become a higher manager, use your particular skills. Create a method that specializes in your employees’ strengths, impacting their standard fulfillment and overall performance. When employees use their capabilities, they’re more engaged. They have better overall performance, and of course, are much less likely to depart their company. 

Here are the top five capabilities that Great Managers possess:


They mission themselves and their groups to enhance and supply superb overall performance continually.


They conquer challenges, adversities, and resistance.


They in the end expect responsibility for his or her groups’ successes and create the shape and tactics to assist their groups to supply on expectations.


They construct positive, enticing work surroundings wherein their groups create healthful relationships with each other and with clients.


They resolve problems with the aid of wandering ahead, making plans for contingencies, balancing competing interests, and taking an analytical method.

Best Recruiters In Town

If you will have a conversation with a recruiter, they will tell you deep hacks. Indeed, these hacks will be beneficial for you. No matter if you are searching for a job or already have a job. career counselors in Pakistan can help you with many tips so you can grow in your company with a greater position.

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