Do you have an interview tomorrow or in a couple of days? You don’t have much time and that’s making you anxious. Don’t worry anymore. Take a deep breath and know that you’re gonna be okay. Now HR is here to help. Follow the guidelines below to sweep the interviewers off their feet.

Research About the Company

Before heading your way to the interview, take some time and do your research. Look for the services the company provides or the products they sell. Use google to search for reviews of the customers and previous and current employees of the company. It would give you a good idea of where you are going.

Prepare for Obvious Questions

There are some questions that are obviously gonna be asked. Like, tell about yourself, why do you wanna join them, how do you rate your skillset, etc. Prepare well for the common interview questions and be clear about how you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Resume and Important Documents

A resume gives the interviewer a thorough brief about you including your education, skills, and experience. Make sure you mention all the necessary points along with proper dates. And do bring the hard copy of the resume for the interview. Keep your national identity card for verification, and just in case also carry educational certificates in a file.

Double Check the Location

Double-check the venue for the walk-in-interview. If you plan to take public transport, learn about the best way to commute and check the timings in advance. If you are not sure about the route, taking an Uber or Careem would be a smart choice. It would be best to check your way on Google Maps before leaving.

Dress Well, Be Presentable

Do not leave the important decision of what to wear to the interview to the last minute. Pick out your clothes in advance. Make sure they are of appropriate style and do not make you uncomfortable. Any additional discomfort may be reflected in your body language.

Reach On Time

Running late for the interview would cast a negative impact. So it’s better to be on the interview at the time. Generally, it is best to head for the walk-in interviews during the first hour of the mentioned time slot.

Be Polite But Confident

Be sure to speak with confidence and sound convincing. Sit comfortably, smile, and make eye contact with the interviewer. While in the waiting area, look active and aware. Do not hunch or laze around. Before leaving the interview room, thank the interviewer for his time. Be polite and let him know it was a pleasure meeting him.

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