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Almost all the job candidates applying for a vacancy at your company are strangers to you. People you haven’t met before or know anything about them. All they tell you about themselves is on a piece of paper called a CV or Resume. So are you going to trust the important responsibilities and tasks of your company in the hands of someone you just met? Well, to be completely honest it’s a risk you have to take with the best candidate for the job. But there are safety measures you can take for a safe experience with your company.

Pay Attention During Interview

Meeting with someone can reveal a lot about people only if you pay attention to small details. While interview potential employees, analyze their manners and etiquette. Make sure you ask questions about the candidate’s personal interests. Most of the time you will receive conventional answers but there’s your chance to spot red flags.

Track the Provided References

While recruiting an employee, do notice where the candidate was working previously. If possible, contact their former employers in person and inquire about their work ethics, commitment to giving, progress, and performance. Also, try to find the actual reason why the employee left the previous job.

Run a Background Check

A background check is probably the easiest way to weed out job candidates who may create an unsafe work environment. . You should definitely be wary of hiring anyone with a lengthy criminal record, and you should under no circumstance hire anyone who has a history of violent crimes.

Review the Social Media Profile

If you can go through the social media accounts of your candidate then go ahead with it. Do not hesitate, as it’s not prying but a precaution to find if they don’t have any content that’s suggestive of violence or concerning conduct that you wouldn’t want in your workplace.

Take Security Protocols

At last, all you can do is improve the security of your office by ensuring an efficient and reliable security team equipped with high-quality safety gear. Install code-lock doors at your office and security cameras in and around the office. Educate your employees regarding the security protocols of the company.

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