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Recruitment techniques and methods are always being modified with time. They have been changing to meet the demands of the evolving world. So if you wanna save your time and cut down operational cost, you would need t to apply modern techniques. Here are all the popular recruitment methods to go for:

Internal Recruitment

Recruiting internally can work out cheaper than advertising externally or using agencies. All you have to do is just run an ad for free on your company intranet or message board. And when you do hire within the company, you can promise excellent progression opportunities. Plus, present leaders aren’t going to be around forever, so it’s a good idea to develop current staff as their successors.

Print and Web Advertising

There are lots of advertising options emerging. And every company needs to advertise externally sometimes especially when you’re growing. The print job ad might be the most traditional of all recruitment techniques. With means of journals and magazines, print ads are a great way to reach a well-defined segment of job seekers.

Advertising on recruitment websites promises a potentially wide reach at a low cost. Job seekers can use Google to find specific types of jobs at a range of the most popular recruitment websites. And it takes only a few minutes to set up an ad. You can also advertise vacancies on your own corporate website, although ads may be less visible than those on major sites.

Social media

Being active on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to interact with potential candidates in lots of ways, and it’s easy for job seekers to contact you too. Your social media activity also expands your employer brand, showing candidates what your organizational culture is like. That’s great for attracting top talent, assuming your culture is good.

Hire Recruitment Agency

A good recruiter is motivated because they’re on commission, have recruitment skills and experience you may not, and can access a large network of potential candidates. Using a recruiter costs money, but it does keep your time free to do the things you’re best at.  For the best results, avail of the services of Now HR. We are one of the top recruitment agencies in Pakistan, hiring candidates digitally. Here at Now HR, we implement modern tools and our extensive experience to find the perfect fit for your company.

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